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capt's log

form the bridge of the Stardrake

Capt. Elensar
25 January
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A bookbinder by trade.
People say I don't have a grasp of reality, I disagree, A strangle-hold is a grasp
acting, aisian studies, all things celtic, alternative medicine, alton brown, amaretto, ancient cultures, anime, anthropomorphics, antiquarian books, archeology, archery, art, astronomy, babylon 5, bookbinding, books, bowling, cats, celtic, celtic folklore, celtic music, cemetaries, christmas caroling, classical music, coffee shops, cooking, costuming, darts, doctor who, dragons, elvgren, erotic artwork, erotic photography, faeries, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy costumes, fencing, fetish, firefly, folklore, forensics, forensics shows, gargoyles, get fuzzy, goddesses, goth, gourmet cooking, greek mythology, gypsies, halloween, harry potter, herbs, historical reenactment, history, hockey, india, ireland, iron chef, japan, japanese, japanese art, japanese culture, japanese garden, jethro tull, kahlua, lazarus long, legends, libertarian, libraries, lotr, lycanthropy, magic, metropolis, monty python, museums, mythology, myths, nudes, old houses, pagen, period costuming, pinup art, pirates, poetry, pre-raphaelite art, pro-gun, quotes, rail travel, rain, ravens, reading, ren faires, robots, rocky horror, roses, scarborough faire, sci fi, science, scotch, scotland, sea shantys, serenity, sex, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, ships, space travel, stage combat, steak houses, steampunk, storms, sushi, swords, tactical ops, tarot, tesla, tesla coil, tesla tech, texas renaissance festival, the 2nd amendment, the prisoner, theatre, thunder, thunderstorms, tolkein, trivia, tudor costumes, used book stores, vampires, vargas, victorian costumes, werewolves, whiskey, wicca, wine, winter, witchcraft, wolves, writing